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What is Taxic Cardiope

It's not a secret for anyone that recently diseases of the cardiovascular system are coming out on top in terms of distribution. Thousands of scientists around the world work every day, inventing new methods of treating diseases associated with damage to the heart and blood vessels. After all, the heart is the main "engine compartment" of our body, and therefore all issues related to diseases are quite relevant.

More than a third of all types of heart disease are cardiomyopathies of various origins. Every year, more than 30% of all patients die from an ill-timed diagnosis. In general, this series of diseases is a primary lesion of the heart muscle, characterized by pathological changes in the muscle tissue of the heart. Among them, toxic cardiomyopathy deserves special attention.

Symptoms of the disease

Answering the question - toxic cardiomyopathy, what is it - you need to know the main symptoms of the disease. Among them it is worth highlighting:

1. Chest pain, which can be localized both in the projection of the heart and throughout the chest.

2. Shortness of breath. A very frequent and important sign of cardiac pathology is precisely inspiratory dyspnea. That is, when it is difficult for a person to inhale, but it is easy to exhale.

3. Arrhythmia or other heart rhythm disturbances.

4. Dizziness, which is not associated with other causes.

5. Frequent increase in blood pressure, as a result of malfunctioning of the heart and poor state of blood vessels.

6. Puffiness. Most often, it is the limbs that swell.

7. An increase in body temperature against the background of other symptoms may indicate an infectious accompaniment of toxic cardipathy

Be vigilant: if the pain behind the sternum continues for several days in a row and has an aching character, this is a direct reason to consult a doctor.

Treatment of toxic cardiopathy

1. It is necessary to eliminate the factor that is harmful to health (stop taking toxic substances).

2. The initial stages of cardiomyopathy are treated with medication. First of all, doctors recommend taking drugs of the B-blocker group (atenolol, bisoprolol).

3. It is important to take anticoagulants to prevent thromboembolism.

4. If you cannot achieve positive results with B-blockers, doctors say that it is worth switching to more serious drugs, for example, Verapamil. It is a blocker of calcium channels, which in turn reduces the contractile activity of the myocardium, removes the load and increases its functional activity.

5. In severe cases, surgical intervention is indicated when there is no effect from drug therapy. The patient can be implanted with a driver.

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