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Genital warts in the anus are gray-pink papillary formations. Perianal warts are also found in the form of separate islets, between which the unaffected skin is visible, sometimes they are in the form of papillae, merging and forming whole conglomerates that can close the anus.

Diagnose giant condylomas up to 20 cm or more in diameter. They all look like cauliflower.

Most often there are so-called simple genital warts, giant warts are also called Buschke-Levenshtein tumors after the names of the authors who first described in 1925 a giant genital warts of the penis.

It has now been established that simple and giant condylomas are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) types 6 and 11.

Patients with perianal warts complain of growths around the anus, a feeling of a foreign body in the perineal region, burning, itching, a feeling of wetness in the anus, in the presence of large warts, pain and bleeding are often disturbed due to trauma from clothing and during bowel movements. The greatest concern is caused by large condylomas in the anus, which secrete a fetid fluid, in the growths themselves there may be fistulous-type moves, the local inflammatory process leads to intoxication and affects the general well-being. Moreover, the growth rate of genital warts can be very high.

Pointed papillomas in the anus are prone to recurrence both after conservative treatment with various drugs, and after their surgical removal.
The diagnosis can be made after an external examination of the perineum. You should also pay attention to the genitals, since genital warts can also be localized there.

A digital examination of the anal canal and rectum is mandatory, sometimes even with small condylomatous growths on the perianal skin, condylomas are found in the anal canal in the form of small, dense nodules. With giant warts, damage to the anal canal is more common.


Conservative treatment of genital perianal warts is usually used for small warts, when there is a gap of healthy skin between separate heaps of growths. A solution of warts is used: with the help of a special stick (it is attached to the bottle with the drug), the cauterizing solution is applied to the warts, while you need to beware of getting the solution on healthy skin. There are antiviral drugs in the form of ointments - podophilin, bonafton. Local treatment is recommended to be combined with the intake of immunostimulants.

Forecast. Recurrence of genital warts is noted equally often with all methods of removal. Relapse is due to the fact that the disease is caused by a virus, and if the body cannot cope with the infection, then only a local effect on warts (cauterization, removal) will not give a lasting recovery. Treatment should be comprehensive: antiviral drugs, immunostimulants, removal of genital warts. With malignancy, the prognosis is poor.

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