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Hemorrhoids (from the Greek haima - "blood", roe - "course") is one of the most common diseases in proctology, which is based on the pathological state of the cavernous plexuses of the rectum, accompanied by stagnation of blood in them. Hemorrhoids are manifested by periodic bleeding from the nodes, their loss from the anal canal and frequent inflammation. Hemorrhoids affect men and women equally

Internal hemorrhoids. With internal hemorrhoids, there is a varicose expansion of the hemorrhoidal veins, which are located deep in the anal canal, therefore, during a normal examination, such hemorrhoids are not visible. In order to see them, one has to resort to special research methods: anoscopy, rectoscopy. Also, such nodes can be detected with digital rectal examination. A symptom of a disease such as prolapse of hemorrhoids can cause bleeding if they are injured during the act of defecation. With significant weakness of the ligamentous apparatus of the rectum, such nodes fall out during bowel movements or significant straining. In addition, internal nodes may be impaired when they fall out and the anal sphincter spasm. Most often, the first signs of internal hemorrhoids are bleeding.

External hemorrhoids. In this type of hemorrhoid, the hemorrhoids are marked on the outside and should not be confused with the prolapsed internal hemorrhoids. Most often, external nodes are manifested by thrombosis. As a rule, there is no bleeding from the external nodes, since they are not injured during bowel movements. Such hemorrhoids are painful and unpleasant during bowel movements. But the constant stagnation of blood in them can lead to the formation of blood clots in them. Externally, the external hemorrhoid can be of various sizes, from 3 mm or more, depending on its blood supply. The external hemorrhoidal node is usually covered with skin, while the prolapsed internal node is usually covered by the mucous membrane of the anal canal.


The method of choice for the treatment of patients with the second stage is minimally invasive procedures. First of all, this is the ligation of hemorrhoids with latex rings. In some cases, infrared photocoagulation and sclerotherapy can be performed. Treatment with the listed methods is characterized by low trauma and low pain for the patient, which makes them very attractive.

Today, latex ring ligation is gaining in popularity as one of the most effective methods of treating hemorrhoids. The principle of the method is that the coloproctologist with the help of an anoscope gains access to the hemorrhoidal node, after which he puts a latex ring on the node with a special tool - a ligator. A latex ring, resembling a rubber ring in its properties, squeezes the leg of the node, thereby disrupting its blood supply, which is why the node dies and after 6 days it disappears during bowel movements.

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