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A pararectal fistula is a pathological course in the soft tissues surrounding the rectum that has developed as a result of chronic inflammation. As a rule, such fistulas are formed due to an untimely visit to a coloproctologist or inadequate treatment of an acute inflammatory process. By itself, such a disease does not go away, therefore, the earlier treatment is started, the more effective it will be.

Among the causes of the onset of an inflammatory process in the area surrounding the anus and rectum are injuries, inadequate treatment of acute paraproctitis, actinomycosis or rectal tuberculosis, cracks, tumor processes, Crohn's disease.
The fistula allows the serous-purulent fluid to flow freely outward from the focus of purulent inflammation. This maintains a chronic process. If the outflow of purulent discharge is impaired, the inflammatory process in the focus may worsen.

Coloproctologists of our center recommend not to delay the treatment of chronic paraproctitis, since a long-standing fistula (more than 5 years) can lead to the degeneration of chronic inflammation in tissues into a malignant process. The doctors of our center successfully diagnose various types of rectal fistulas, which can be divided into several groups:
By localization of the outlet:
-Full (external) - open outside the rectum.
-Incomplete (internal) - the fistulous passage opens into the rectal cavity.


A complete cure is possible only with a surgical method. Physiotherapy, antibiotics, and ointments are used in preparation for or after surgery. Medication can also help relieve symptoms and speed up recovery. The main recommended pharmacological groups are:
- pain relievers;
-systemic antibiotics;
- healing ointments.

The only indication for surgery is the presence of a fistula.
- the general serious condition of the patient;
-hepatic and renal failure;
- chronic diseases in the stage of decompensation;
- blood clotting disorder;
- acute infections in the body.

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