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The coccygeal cyst is a tubular formation that begins to form at the stage of intrauterine development. The disease manifests itself before the age of 30.

With a malfunction in the development of the embryo, characteristic of the disease, the elements of the muscles fold into the coccygeal passage, a cyst appears. On the one hand, it is immersed in fatty tissue, and on the other, it rests against the fold between the buttocks. This creates a hole that is not visible to the naked eye.

Often, a congenital disease does not appear for years. Symptoms occur only when injury or blockage of the hole from the outside:
- edema of the coccyx zone, tissue redness;
- the feeling when walking and sitting of the presence of a foreign body in the intergluteal fold;
- an increase in the external opening, the release of mucus from it;
-the appearance of holes in the affected area during periods of exacerbations (mucus comes out through them, or scars form in their place);
- increased body temperature.

The coccygeal cyst is a congenital pathology, but it may not bother a person throughout his life. However, under the influence of a number of factors, its development can be activated. These include:
-passive lifestyle;
-heredity (a certain form of the sacrococcygeal zone, leading to the emergence of an epithelial-coccygeal passage, or ECH);
-pilonidal inflammation (due to hair in EKH).


There are several options for surgical intervention, differing in access, technique of performing the intervention and cutting instrument. For example, an ordinary scalpel, a radio knife can be used, or a coccyx cyst can be removed with a laser. The method of intervention is selected by the doctor, focusing on the individual characteristics of the patient.

Only an operation will surely cure the disease. Any other methods can only delay it. But such a delay is not always beneficial. With an untreated tailbone cyst, a number of complications can develop. More and more abscesses and fistulous passages are formed.
The infection will spread to nearby tissues, leading to paraproctitis, osteomyelitis, and even sepsis. Constant skin irritation will trigger the development of eczema, a very painful condition that takes a long time to heal. Therefore, it is better not to waste time, but to see a doctor as early as possible. Then the surgical intervention will be small and the rehabilitation period will be shorter.

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