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Rupture of the cervix A rupture of the cervix during childbirth complicates the course of labor in 6 out of a hundred women in labor, while during the first birth it happens 4 times more often. The consequences of a ruptured cervix can be very serious if the healing was poor or for some reason the rupture of the cervix was not stitched.

The causes of cervical rupture are manifold:

1. Inadequate management of the second stage of labor, and often through the fault of the woman in labor. At the end of the first stage of labor, when the cervix is ​​not yet fully opened, the moment comes when the first attempts come, an irresistible, acute desire to push downward appears, however, since the cervix has opened only 8 cm, attempts can lead to its rupture, you cannot push , this period must be breathed out. If a woman in labor is allowed to push ahead of time, or if she does not obey the nursing staff, rupture becomes a very possible complication.

2. A decrease in the elasticity of the cervix, which leads to its incomplete opening, sufficient for the birth of a child, but not sufficient for this to happen without complications. The reasons for this can be both at a late age of a woman in labor for the first birth, and in other conditions that reduce the elasticity of tissues, for example, the presence of scars after abortion and previous births, operations on the cervix, and other traumatic and infectious injuries.

3. Features of childbirth. Gaps occur during childbirth with a large fetus, during delivery in breech presentation, during the provision of obstetric benefits (operative delivery). Discoordination of labor, or, on the contrary, labor proceeding too quickly contribute to the rupture of the cervix.


Deformity of the cervix after childbirth is often found some time after the healing of the stitches and the woman's return to normal life. In this case, various unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen, vaginal discharge, pain during sexual intercourse and other symptoms of disorders of the structure of the pelvic organs occur. Nevertheless, the treatment of deformity of the cervix, even after a long period of time, can successfully return the internal organs of a woman to their natural anatomical shape. Today, many gynecological clinics perform cervical plastic surgery after childbirth. It implies surgical correction of the shape and position of the cervix and body of the uterus transvaginally or abdominal, i.e. through the vagina or abdomen under general anesthesia. Plastic surgery after pregnancy and childbirth is essential for a woman's reproductive health, especially if she is planning subsequent pregnancies. Old tears after childbirth can be treated with modern surgical methods.

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