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Polyneuropathy is one of the most severe neurological disorders, which is characterized by multiple lesions of peripheral nerves. How does this disease manifest itself, how favorable is the prognosis, what to do if polyneuropathy has caught up with someone from your loved ones, and can this disease be cured? From the Greek language, the name of this disease is translated as "disease of many nerves", and this very accurately conveys its essence. With polyneuropathy, almost all small peripheral nerves are affected. The causes of the disease are different, but the symptoms of polyneuropathy are always very similar, regardless of what exactly caused the disease: muscle weakness in the upper and lower extremities (usually the patient first complains of weakness of the feet and hands, then it spreads to the entire limb).

Diabetes. One of the most common causes of polyneuropathy. Diabetes disrupts the vessels that feed the nerves and causes metabolic disturbances in the myelin sheath of nerve fibers. This leads to their defeat. In diabetes mellitus, the lower extremities are usually affected by polyneuropathy.
Exposure to toxins, which leads to various types of polyneuropathy: against the background of chemotherapy, in case of poisoning (including heavy metals), toxic PNP occurs; with alcohol abuse - alcoholic PNP; in case of excessive intake of drugs, a drug form of PNP develops.


Treatment of one form or another of PNP is carried out by a specialist neurologist who, if necessary, involves doctors of related profiles. In some cases, timely and adequate treatment can return the patient to a decent quality of life, ensuring almost complete recovery of all his functions. If full recovery is not possible, adequate treatment can significantly alleviate the patient's condition.

It is impossible to fully insure against it, but basic precautions will help minimize the risk. In particular, it is possible to work with toxic substances only if there is appropriate protection, any medication should be taken exclusively as prescribed by a doctor and under his supervision, and infectious diseases should not be left to chance. A balanced diet rich in vitamins, physical activity, and avoiding alcohol - these simple measures can also significantly reduce the risk of developing polyneuropathy.

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