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It is customary to talk about prolapse when the upper part of the vaginal wall or the uterus moves outside the vagina. The prolapse of the uterus can be partial (outside the genital gap is only part of her body) and complete. The term "prolapse of the uterus" refers to the displacement of the uterus below the normal level, but the uterus does not extend beyond the genital gap. When the vagina is pushed down, outside the genital gap is the lower third of its anterior (often combined with a displacement of the bladder wall) or posterior (often combined with a displacement of the rectal wall) walls. The prolapse of the vagina sometimes precedes the prolapse and prolapse of the uterus.

The location of the pelvic organs (in addition to the uterus and vagina, this is the bladder, rectum, urethra) is ensured by their firm fixation by muscles and ligaments to the pelvic bones. The "funnel", "hammock" and "plate" are conventionally distinguished, providing three-level fixation, and the third level "plate" prevents the gaping of the genital slit, the outlet of the urethra and the anus. With the failure of the upper levels of fixation, prolapse occurs, and when the lower is stretched, the pelvic organs prolapse.


A timely visit to a specialist in the field of operative gynecology and reconstructive plastic surgery of the pelvic organs significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment. All patients are prescribed restorative treatment - this type of therapy is aimed at increasing tissue tone and eliminating the causes that contribute to the displacement of the genitals. Recommended: good nutrition, water treatments, gymnastic exercises, changing working conditions, massage of the uterus. When choosing a method of treatment, in addition to the severity of prolapse / loss, the general condition of the patient is also taken into account. But the use of only conservative methods (physical therapy, electrical stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles, wearing vaginal pessaries, etc.) is used only in the early stages of prolapse, as well as when surgical treatment is impossible (severe concomitant diseases, pregnancy, recent childbirth, etc.).

The main method of treating pelvic organ prolapse is the prompt elimination of pelvic floor defects, and in the presence of problems with urination and defecation, these disorders are also eliminated during one surgical intervention. With prolapse and prolapse of the genitals, various vaginal and endoscopic techniques (sacrovaginopexy) are actively used for correcting genital prolapse.

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