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The prolapse of the uterus is an incorrect position of the organ associated with its shift. Displacement occurs when the muscles responsible for holding the uterus become weak and unable to perform their function properly. Uterine prolapse (uterocele) and prolapse of the uterus are the most common problems associated with female genital prolapse. Symptoms of prolapse of the uterus are found in many women, especially in the postmenopausal period. According to statistics, this pathology is detected in 10% of women under 30, in 40% at the age of 30 to 40, and in 50% of women who have reached 50 years of age. Despite the fact that the problem is accompanied by quite tangible, unpleasant symptoms, women often postpone the visit to the doctor, thereby aggravating their condition.

At the same time, signs of prolapse of the uterus are displacement from the correct position, and signs of prolapse of the uterus are its exit from the genital slit. If there is a displacement, then the uterus will not be visible from the outside, even if the woman is pushing, however, this condition precedes the prolapse, so if it is found, it is worth urgently going to the doctor. To date, this problem is perfectly treated, so women who have found unpleasant symptoms of prolapse of the vaginal walls in themselves should not worry. A visit to a good specialist will be the first step on the road to recovery.


Treatment of prolapse of the uterus, depending on the stage, can be carried out by both conservative and surgical methods, which often complement each other. Surgical treatment allows you to eliminate pronounced forms of prolapse of the uterus. However, there is a risk of relapse after surgery. Therefore, all operated patients should be engaged in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles using the methods discussed above. The volume of the operation can be different depending on the severity of the prolapse of the uterus and the characteristics of the clinical situation. In most cases, vaginal levatoroplasty is performed - suturing of the pelvic floor muscles; for urinary incontinence, a synthetic mesh support may be required. With pathologies of the uterus in women who have realized reproductive function, a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) can also be performed.

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