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Adenoma of the prostate is an insidious disease characteristic of men after 45-50 years. It does not sell well for treatment and significantly reduces the patient's standard of living. In IMMA clinics, prophylactic urological examinations are carried out to detect the disease in the early stages. Doctors with extensive experience treat prostate adenoma in men at all stages of the development of pathology.

More than 50% of men suffer from prostate adenoma after fifty years and almost 90% after eighty. The disease can develop over the years. The first symptoms do not cause much discomfort, so the man does not pay attention to them. The lack of regular preventive examinations and the reluctance to consult a doctor with complaints that have arisen leads to the fact that the disease is detected at a later date and is difficult to treat. Over time, the disease is complemented by complications.

Despite the widespread prevalence of the disease, the exact causes of the disease have not been identified. The connection between the disease and the age of the patients was noticed. This phenomenon is associated with hormonal changes: a decrease in male sex hormones and an increase in female ones. Estrogen promotes the growth of glandular tissue.

Diagnosis of the disease is carried out in several stages. First, the doctor conducts a survey, fills out a special questionnaire. It was developed in 1996 by WHO representatives. Each answer is given a score. The total amount helps to assess the intensity of symptoms, to make a preliminary diagnosis. Questions relate to the process of urination.

X-ray studies are more indicative than ultrasound data, they provide information about the state of the ducts, urinary tract and ureters. Ultrasound is effective in detecting bladder stones and residual urine that is not excreted during urination.


The choice of treatment strategy for prostate adenoma in men depends on the stage of development of the disease. Drug therapy is used in the early stages of disease detection. But you should not expect quick relief from taking medications, an accumulation effect is needed.
Conservative treatment of prostate adenoma occurs with drugs of two types with different mechanisms of action. To reduce the tone of smooth muscles, alpha-blockers are used. As a result of their action, the ducts of the urinary tract expand, which facilitates the process of emptying the bladder.

The second type of drugs reduces the conversion of testosterone into the active form, which prevents the growth of the prostate gland.

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