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Proctitis is an inflammation of the rectal mucosa. Proctitis should not be confused with paraproctitis, which causes inflammation of the tissues adjacent to the rectum.

Proctitis begins with simple redness and can progress to deep ulcers. The disease is quite delicate, so not every person immediately consults a doctor when the first symptoms appear. But in vain! Constant pain and itching in the anus, insomnia, difficulty with defecation, can lead to nervous breakdowns and problems at work and in personal life. In addition, proctitis can develop against the background of such serious diseases as hemorrhoids, microcracks in the anus and rectal cancer!

The rectum is the final section of the intestine and begins in the sigmoid colon and ends in the anus. The lining of the rectum is made up of muscles and has a lot of mucus, which helps to push through the leftover food.
Two muscle rings (anal sphincters), contracting, retain feces. And during their relaxation, defecation occurs. In men, the rectum joins the prostate and bladder, and in women, the vagina and uterus.

With the rectum working properly, all processes go unnoticed, but in case of any failure, inflammation of the rectum can develop. More than 30% of people with inflammatory bowel disease have rectal inflammation. One of the most common diseases is proctitis.

Proctitis can be acute or chronic.
Acute proctitis has persistent symptoms that appear in a person for a short time. Inflammation of the rectum in an acute form is accompanied by fever, general weakness, and malaise. It can be caused by acute infectious diseases and rectal trauma.


To prescribe the correct treatment for rectal inflammation, you need to conduct a complete examination of the human body. The diagnosis is established on the basis of all data, including a digital examination of the rectum, examination of the intestine using rectoscopy, colonoscopy, biopsy of the intestinal wall, and stool culture.
The method of treating proctitis is determined by the nature of the disease, its severity, the presence of symptoms, the development of complications, etc. Some patients need short-term treatment for rectal inflammation, others need long-term treatment and medical supervision.

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