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Stress urinary incontinence is incontinence during physical exertion - for example, when you cough, sneeze, or laugh. It is the most common type of incontinence in women, and is rare in men. Urgent urinary incontinence is incontinence associated with an urge to urinate. The amount of urine varies from a few drops to complete emptying of the bladder. The reasons for this type of incontinence can be very different, for example: prostate adenoma, urinary tract infection, or simply drinking too much fluids. Therefore, competent diagnosis and treatment are important. Mixed urinary incontinence is a combination of symptoms of stress and urge incontinence. That is, you may experience leaks both due to urgent urge to urinate and during physical exertion.

Leakage of urine after urination is the involuntary leakage of urine immediately after urination is completed. This is because urine remains in the urethra. This condition is more common in men and can be avoided by pressing the front of the perineum to squeeze out any remaining urine. Women with weak muscles around the urethra also face this. Functional urinary incontinence is the inability to reach the toilet in time due to limited mobility for any reason. Functional urinary incontinence is possible with impaired vision, decreased cognitive function, and limited mobility.


Treatment of incontinence should be carried out after the exact establishment of its causes - it can be not only hormonal disruptions or complications after childbirth, but also banal urinary tract infections or neoplastic diseases. It is clear that in this case, exercising for the pelvic floor muscles will not give a special effect.

Treatment of urgent urinary incontinence is mostly conservative. Bladder training and physical therapy are always prescribed. Surgical treatment for urgent (urgently occurring) type of urinary incontinence is rarely used. Treatment of stress urinary incontinence is mainly operative (surgical). Only young patients at the onset of the disease are prescribed physiotherapeutic treatment, gymnastics aimed at strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, and electrical muscle stimulation. There are many surgical treatments for stress urinary incontinence.

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