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Of the most common male congenital abnormalities is ovarian varicose veins (varicocele). This disease is one of the causes leading to male infertility.

What are the properties of varicocele?

- With congenital weakness of the vascular wall

- Insufficiency or lack of intravenous valves

- Small veins of veins

- Veins with different lengths

- When the small testicle veins at right angles


At 1 stage varicocele of the veins of the testis is not detected and the size of the testes is normal. But when carrying out an ultrasound study, there is a manual magnification of the lobular veins of the plexus more than 2 mm.

At the 2nd stage, a manual palpation of the enlarged veins of the plexus is observed.

In step 3 in the investigation of ultrasound or manually presence atrophy is observed, i.e. the dimensions are reduced by the eggs varicocele.

Symptoms indicating the presence of varicocele

According to international studies of scientists, it is revealed that 40% or more of all causes leading to male infertility is varicocele. There are such symptoms as:

- The presence of pain in the scrotum during exercise

- Atrophy

- Reduction in the number of normal sperm and increase the number of abnormal sperm that can not fertilize yaitsekletku

The fertilization is very important condition spermatozoa, but may become a cause of infertility: antezoospermiya (decrease activity of sperm), teratozoospermia (increase and decrease pathological normal spermatozoa) oligozoospermia (sperm count in veyakulyate reduced).

It is diagnosed varicocele in clinic GATLING-MED on different methods, such as:

  • Dopplerography of blood flow (study of blood supply to testicles)
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of the scrotum
  • Delivery of tests for sperm (ejaculate)
  • Manual examination of testicles and scrotum (examination of their size and volume)

Treatment varicocele conducted conservative and surgical methods.

In the conservative case, you should perform special physical exercises, take medications, perform physiotherapy and preferably wear bandages.

The surgical method is the only effective treatment for varicocele. Microsurgical methods of performing the operation are used. These methods contribute to a significant reduction or even elimination of complications.


In the postoperative period, patients who underwent surgery for varicocele in our clinic did not notice any relapse. All this thanks to modern equipment, treatments and highly qualified doctors multidisciplinary clinic GATLING-MED.