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Tursunkulov Azimjon Nazirjonovich


An urologist of the 1st qualification category, a member of the European (EAU) and the American Association of Urologists (AUA), a member of the International Endourological Society. In 2008 he graduated the Tashkent Medical Academy with the highest marks. From 2008 to 2010 he passed clinical residency in Urology. He passed an internship in the clinics of the USA, Russia and South Korea.

He regularly participates in international conferences, trainings on minimally invasive urology and oncourology.
Specialization: Endourology, urooncology, stress urinary incontinence and prolapse of pelvic organs (pelvioperineology)


• 2017 - Master class "Pelvic floor reconstruction with vaginal access: from unification to personalization" (St. Petersburg).
• 2017 - Internship in Endourology at Smith Institute for Urology (New York, USA)
• 2017 - Intensive course on the treatment of male urinary incontinence and hyperactive bladder North Shore LIJ Hospital (New York, USA)
• 2016 - Internship on Laparoscopic prostate cancer surgery at the Hwasun Clinic of the Chongmun National University (Gwangju, South Korea)
• 2016 - Russian-American Intensive Course on the American Urological Association Program - AUA "Percutaneous Urolithiasis Surgery" (St. Petersburg)
• 2015. - Practical course on Transurethral prostate surgery in Arthemis clinic (Gurgen, India)
• 2014 - Internship in pelvic surgery at the University Clinic of Ennam (South Korea).
• 2010 - He took a course of Remote shock wave lithotripsy in the Republican Specialized Center of Urology.