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Papillomas are neoplasms, the main cause of which is papillomavirus. These warts not only interfere with life, but also do not look aesthetically pleasing, especially on the face or neck.

Causes of papilloma on the face:
• sloppy hair removal, triggering the infection;
* activation of the virus on the background of weakened immunity;
* non-observance of hygienic procedures when visiting public places (swimming pools, gyms);
* neglect of means of protection during sexual intercourse.
The main cause of papilloma is HPV, the human papilloma virus. It is necessary to fight it comprehensively, observing a healthy lifestyle and hygiene rules. Otherwise, warts will appear again and again.
Removal of papillomas 
Medical examination will help to confirm that rashes are really papillomas, to identify the type of virus that has settled in the body and to exclude the possibility of malignant degeneration of formations. Why hanging papillomas and other types of formations appear on the neck, will help to determine immunological studies, tests for hormonal profile, detection of concomitant infectious diseases.
Whether to remove papillomas depends on the clinical signs of the disease. If they are localized in places of contact with clothing, prone to injury, the answer is clear-you need to get rid of. Cancerous growths are removed in a clinical setting, followed by cytological analysis of the material obtained. Do not be guided by untested methods and recommendations, try to break the interfering hanging papillomas.
Suitable means for removal are selected only after a medical study will be conducted. This condition must be observed in order not to harm the patient and prevent the spread of infection.
Sometimes, in order to remove papillomas on the face, a mandatory operation is required. These cases include:

* papilloma is too large;
* substandard education;
* reduced immunity;
risk of infection.
In clinics, a specialist will help you quickly get rid of tumors and prevent further infection. Usually on the face of papillomas are removed by laser or freezing method. Professional procedures do not leave scars, provide almost painless and quick removal.
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