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Ingrown nail or onychocryptosis - ingrown nail plate in the lateral edge of the nail shaft (most often the big toe, usually the outer edge). This is a very common disease. While the nail wall becomes red and swollen, inflamed causing severe pain. Further possible development of chronic inflammatory process.

Without proper treatment the disease is recurrent in nature.
The causes of the disease:
• improperly performed pedicure;

• flat feet;
• onychomycosis (fungal infection of nail);

• valgus deformity of foot;
• incorrect (narrow) shoes;

• congenital predisposition (an excessive amount of soft tissue in subungual pillow);
• trauma;
You have to understand that home measures are only effective in the early stages of the disease. The sooner you start treatment, the better chance for a speedy recovery. But this does not exempt you from visiting the specialist, which should exclude the infectious nature of onychocryptosis.
Self-treatment of the disease consists of the following steps:
• Softening bath.
• Removing the plate under the nail shaft.
• Applique.
Surgical treatment of ingrown nail is an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. The operation can be performed with surgical instruments, using coagulation (burning) of the matrix of the nail by an electric current, by hardware, radio frequency surgery, laser, chemicals (eg, phenol). The literature describes many types of this operation. The most common is the excision of the lateral part of the nail with removal of hypergranulation and part of the matrix (root) of the nail. If this operation is inefficient and there is a recurrence, then the nail plate is completely removed.
The best long-term method of treatment is laser cauterization of the germ cells of the nail after removal of ingrown toenail. A method of treatment of onychocryptosis laser is more reliable and modern, but sometimes even after the recurrence of the disease, irreversible changes in appearance of the nail.
After surgery of any type as regrowth of the nail plate it is necessary to carefully observe the rules of hygiene to protect the nail from infections, including fungal nature.
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