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Ultrasonic diagnostics of the liver includes a wheeled examination inside the abdominal cavity, due to which serious illnesses can be recognized which can be cured without difficulty.

In the study, the patient may be lying on the back, on the right or left side, sitting or even standing. The examination begins after the doctor has covered the gel with a specific place of investigation, and then starts to slowly conduct the ultrasound transducer through the body.

Signs of liver ultrasound may be:

  • Pain in the liver
  • Ascites
  • Changes in blood biochemistry
  • Skin yellowness
  • Detection of metastases
  • Itching of the skin
  • Increased liver size
  • Steatosis (fatty degeneration)
  • Traumatic injuries of the abdominal cavity
  • Hepatitis, polycystosis

Distinguish between different methods of ultrasound, one of which is duplex scanning. This method allows you to visualize blood flows inside the vessels of the liver, measure their speed, thereby recognizing how well the liver artery interacts with other elements of the circulatory system.

Duplex scanning should be done to study cysts and volume formations. Thus, this diagnosis provides a number of important information for the study of liver status. The cause of hypertension, pielonephritis in the early stages and various changes inside the liver are elucidated. But carrying out of the given research can be complicated, if the patient of excess weight or at expression of a meteorism.

Normal liver size for an adult by ultrasound can be recognized by the following criteria:

- The edges of the liver are even

- The structure is homogeneous

- Common bile duct of 6-8 mm

- Anteroposterior size of right lobe up to 12.5 cm

- Front-rear size left share up to 7cm

Do not eat flour, carbonated drinks, raw fruits and vegetables, milk, black bread 3 days before the ultrasound. Scanning of the liver is carried out quickly and painlessly. With the latest technology, our clinic guarantees you the most accurate information and will provide treatment for any liver disease.