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The main causes of varicose veins in the testicles include:

genetic predisposition to varicose veins;
physical activity with constant weight lifting;
features of the anatomical structure, contributing to the entrapment of the veins in the genitals;
neoplasms (both benign and malignant);
constipation and diarrhea in the chronic stage;
irregular sex life;
increased body weight;
various inflammatory processes.

Stages of the disease (varicocele)

at the first stage, there are no external manifestations of varicocele, except on palpation;
in the second stage of the disease, dilated veins on the testicle are clearly visible (more often on the left - due to anatomical features), but its size is not changed;
at the third stage, with pronounced varicose veins, a change in the size of the testicle is visible.

Varicocele symptoms

In the initial stages, varicocele may not bother a man with pain symptoms. However, this disease can progress to chronic and lead not only to discomfort in sexual life, but also to infertility.

The onset of pain, provoked by varicocele, can be observed in the groin, scrotum, and both testicles. Characteristic is a sharp increase in pain when walking, running, physical activity, in the process of sexual contact.

Diagnosis of varicocele

The primary diagnosis of the disease is carried out by means of an external examination of the patient, palpation, and ultrasound examination. Also, the doctor may prescribe tests for the study of sex hormones in the blood, a spermogram in order to determine the degree of impaired fertility.

Varicocele treatment and effects on male infertility
Varicocele treatment is carried out exclusively in an operative way, since only an operation can give the best effect.

There are different types of operations. It is believed that the microsurgical method of surgical treatment is currently the most effective: it allows surgical intervention with the least tissue damage, as a result, the rehabilitation period takes less time.

The operation helps to restore blood flow in the testicles and restore normal spermatogenesis (production of a sufficient number of living and anatomically correct spermatozoa). Improving the quality of sperm, eliminating pain will allow you to have a full sex life, without the threat of infertility. From childhood, one should deal with the prevention of varicocele, since hereditary acquisition of the disease is possible. It is important to see a urologist regularly.

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