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Varicocelectomy surgery is a broad concept, since there are several methods for its implementation. Each type of intervention has its own positive and negative aspects, which consist in the effectiveness of manipulations, the duration of rehabilitation, the painfulness of the process, the presence of complications and relapses.

Varicocelectomy is the removal of dilated testicular veins

Traditional varicocelectomy is an open-access intervention called the Ivanissevich operation (Palomo). The surgeon bandages and crosses the damaged veins through a large incision (about 7 cm) in the iliac region. To get to the veins of the lozoid plexus, not only the skin is dissected, but also the fiber, fascia, aponeurosis, muscles, which are then sutured in layers. Given the high invasiveness, the rehabilitation period is characterized by a high duration, the risk of complications and long-term restrictions for the patient.

Microsurgical varicocelectomy is an innovative method of Marmara performed with minimal tissue injury. The length of the incision is only 2 cm. The surgeon removes the spermatic cord outside, carefully separates each dilated vein and cuts it off. A cosmetic suture of self-absorbing threads is applied to the wound, and after 3-5 hours the man leaves the clinic. After a maximum of 2 weeks, the patient returns to the usual routine of life. There are no complications with this method, the number of relapses is minimal.


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