5/1 Building, 1 District, Chilanzar District

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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Private ClinicGatling Med

Doctors of the «GATLING-MED» multidisciplinary clinic in tashkent. We employ some of the best doctors in Uzbekistan

Free consultation of a gynecologist, endocrinologist, therapist and general practitioner.
Ultrasound-10%, complete blood count, general urinalysis for patients over 60 years of age 20%, under 18 years of age 20%.
1. Find out your body mass index (BMI);
2. Nutrition questions;
3. Diet after surgery;
4. With diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys;
5. Preparation for pregnancy, introduction of pregnant women and preparation for childbirth.


who we are

About Us

We guarantee high-quality service and individual approach to EACH patient!

We employ the most experienced doctors of Uzbekistan, who have the highest category and have been trained and trained abroad. All employees of our clinic have international certificates! Gatling Med is pleased to offer a full range of medical services, from taking tests to the most complex surgical and plastic surgeries.

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Experienced Specialists

The clinic employs experienced and best specialists - professionals in their field! Everything is done very competently! Treatment, consultation, analyzes and laboratory studies are performed using the most modern equipment!


High quality survey services

Medical services are a collective concept of a complex of medical interventions or assistance to a patient. They are aimed at diagnosing the disease, preventing or treating it.


Modern equipment

The Gatling Med Clinic has modern equipment that will make it easier to examine


28+ more qualified specialists


27+ Medical services


30+ Medical equipments


15+ Years of experience

Our specialits


24 Hour Emergency

Open 24/7 for convenience, quick and easy access

Medical workers

Qualified and certified doctors for quality healthcare

Laboratory Services

Cost effective, comprehensive and clinical laboratory services