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Hormone research in Tashkent

Hormone research in Tashkent

Hormones are biologically active substances that have a systemic effect on the body and regulate all types of metabolism: lipid, carbohydrate, water-salt, protein. It is hormones that provide the mobilization of strength in stressful situations, and they are also responsible for rest and recovery of energy. Hormonal studies are rarely performed routinely, as a rule, they are prescribed by a specialist in the presence of certain indications

An analysis for hormones is a hematological study, with the help of which it is possible to assess the functioning of the endocrine glands by the level of signaling biologically active substances. This includes a whole range of various laboratory tests, the object of study of which can be either a whole group or just one hormone.
Blood for analysis is taken from a vein. Depending on the symptomatology, the doctor identifies a group of hormones that need to be checked. It is advisable to completely limit physical and psycho-emotional stress in 12 hours, not to consume alcoholic beverages, medications and food containing iodine.
Preparation for the donation of blood samples for the fair sex requires special attention - it should be carried out at a certain period of the menstrual cycle, which is indicated by the doctor. The procedure itself is usually assigned in the morning, on an empty stomach.

The following tests are performed at Gatling Med  Clinic:

  • General urine analysis
  • General blood analysis
  • Blood chemistry
  • Immunology
  • Microscopic examination
  • Bacteriological examination
  • Hemotological examination

In the Gatling Med Clinic's own laboratory, you can quickly and accurately pass hormonal tests.

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