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Ear boil treatment


Ear boil treatment

Ear boil treatment

Reasons for the formation of ear boils

The main reasons for the formation of boils are a decrease in immunity and metabolic disorders. Pathology can also develop as a result of mechanical injuries, into which staphylococcus penetrates. Hypothermia of the body, as well as hereditary predisposition are factors contributing to the development of purulent infection.


With proper treatment, complications do not arise. But if the patient tries to squeeze out or open an unripe boil, or takes hot baths, visits a sauna, the consequences can be serious - the infection will spread throughout the body. In this case, long-term inpatient treatment will be required. It is especially dangerous to injure abscesses that are localized near the lymph nodes - in this case, lymphadenitis develops rapidly (no less dangerous disease than blood poisoning).

Even if only one boil appears, be sure to see a dermatologist!

In our clinic, furunculosis and its complications are effectively treated. We will diagnose, establish the cause of the disease, prescribe adequate treatment and prevent the formation of scars at the site of the abscess.


Complications of the ear boil are caused by the spread of pathogenic microflora or purulent masses into the regional anatomical structures. Most often there is mastoiditis, diffuse otitis externa, chondritis of the auricle and arthritis of the temporomandibular joint. In some cases, stenosis of the ear canal forms, leading to persistent conductive hearing loss. Much less often there is myringitis, otitis media. With severe immunodeficiency, there is a risk of rapid spread of the infection into the brain cavity with the further development of meningitis, enzaphalitis, venous sinus thrombosis. In such cases, systemic generalization of the infectious process is also possible - sepsis.

Ear boil treatment

In the infiltration stage, conservative treatment is carried out, the purpose of which is to stop the inflammatory process and prevent the accumulation of purulent masses. At the stage of abscess formation or in the presence of signs of complications, surgical intervention is indicated. In general, the treatment of external limited otitis media includes the following therapeutic measures:

• Pharmacotherapy. Consists of broad-spectrum antibiotics or agents selected according to the results of an antibiotic susceptibility test; anti-inflammatory, antihistamines and painkillers, antipyretics, vitamin complexes. As a local treatment, the external ear is washed with antiseptics or a hypertonic solution, a turunda soaked in the same means is installed in the ear canal.

• Surgery. Its essence lies in the opening of the boil, under local anesthesia, evacuation of purulent contents, rinsing the formed cavity with solutions of antiseptics and antibiotics, setting up a drainage system.

• Physiotherapy. UHF, UFO sollux, LUCH-2, laser, ultrasound and magnetotherapy, selective chromotherapy, dry warming compresses are widely used. The choice of a specific technique depends on the therapeutic goal - relief of the inflammatory syndrome, preparation for surgery, and acceleration of regeneration processes.

You can safely start treatment, which we carry out as quickly and efficiently as possible in Tashkent. The Gatling Med clinic will make you feel confident in yourself and your health!

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