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The number of people suffering from endocrine pathology is increasing every year. The reason for this is the consumption of processed foods. They are dangerous because they take a long time and a person is simply not able to notice it.

The reasons for a visit to an endocrinologist are:

Weakness, lethargy and drowsiness

Puffiness, bulging eyes

Itchy skin

Lump in throat

Decreased memory

excessive sweating

Constant thirst and dry mouth

Changes in the menstrual cycle

Enlarged mammary glands (in men)

Brittle bones, constant pain

Irritability and tearfulness


Body weight changes

Disproportionate height (during adolescence)

In the GATLING-MED clinic, endlcrinologists use only modern methods, technologies and drugs for the treatment of such enlocrine diseases as:

- Obesity

- Osteoporosis

- Androgen deficiency (age-related)

- Diseases of the adrenal gland

- diabetes insipidus

- Diseases of the thyroid gland

- Disorders of carbohydrate metabolism

- Infertility

- Early menopause

To provide accurate information about the diagnosis of these diseases, doctors take biochemical tests of urine and blood, perform ultrasound of the internal organs and conduct a hormonal study.

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