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Ingrown IUD into the wall of the uterus, treatment and diagnosis


Ingrown IUD into the wall of the uterus, treatment and diagnosis

Ingrown IUD into the wall of the uterus, treatment and diagnosis

Intrauterine device (IUD) - an intrauterine contraceptive, which is a small device made of plastic with copper, which inhibits the advancement of spermatozoa into the uterine cavity, reduces the life of the egg and, first of all, prevents the fertilized egg from attaching to the wall of the uterus, that is, it is an abortive method of contraception 

What to do if the spiral has grown?
Under no circumstances should you try to remove the coil yourself. Such attempts can lead to infection and damage to the internal genital organs.

Hysteroscopy is performed using modern equipment, under general anesthesia. With the help of a hysteroscope and other medical devices, the doctor removes the intrauterine contraceptive and sends it to a histological examination to diagnose and prevent possible pathological processes.

How is an IUD removed?
Standard coil removal is painless, so anesthesia is not required. The doctor removes the structure by the threads. If the threads have been lost or the spiral has grown into the wall of the uterus, it is removed using a hysteroscope. Manipulations are performed under local anesthesia or in conditions of medical sleep. The specialist inserts the instrument into the uterine cavity and, under visual control, grasps the helix with microsurgical forceps, and then removes it outside.

When removing the ingrown system, the procedure is completed by scraping the endometrium.

Attempts to remove the spiral at home can end in failure. To avoid trouble, trust the professionals. The specialists of the GATLING-MED clinic will conduct the necessary studies, after which they will remove the system very carefully and painlessly.

Our doctors have extensive experience in removing ingrown coils. The process of removing the intrauterine device is carried out by a gynecologist at the request of the patient or after the expiration of the period of use (5-10 years). Hysteroscopy is used to remove an ingrown spiral. Hysteroscopy is performed in the operating room, equipped with modern equipment, under general anesthesia.

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