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Intercostal neuralgia treatment


Intercostal neuralgia treatment

Intercostal neuralgia treatment

If you feel pain in the intercostal space, which often manifests itself in a lateral location along the path of the nerve, then this suggests that you need to see a specialist. The fact is that this indicates the presence of intercostal neuralgia. By itself, this is a collective term, implying certain pain conditions that are present in the chest area. In a professional environment, this ailment is called thoracalgia. It may be accompanied by other unpleasant sensations that cause discomfort (burning, local numbness, etc.). The most common left intercostal neuralgia. Often appears as a result of pathological conditions, damage to all kinds of internal organs and systems. But before starting treatment, it is necessary to understand how intercostal neuralgia manifests itself and diagnose the disease itself.

In men and women, a symptom of intercostal neuralgia can be severe pain when pressing on a certain location. Intercostal neuralgia during pregnancy often makes itself felt. This is due to significant changes in the woman's body, which are accompanied by the expansion of the abdominal and thoracic regions. Sometimes the temperature can rise with intercostal neuralgia. And this is how intercostal neuralgia makes itself felt in women and in men. Alcohol intoxication can also cause intercostal neuralgia. Already existing pathologies of internal organs can affect the development of the disease. It should be understood that only a specialist knows how to cure intercostal neuralgia without harming health. You should not try to self-medicate, because this can only aggravate the situation.

Treatment of intercostal neuralgia includes a set of measures. To eliminate muscle-tonic overstrain, muscle relaxants of central action are used. With edematous syndrome, diuretic drugs and venotonics are prescribed. Improving the functionality of the affected nerves is achieved with the help of parenteral use of ascorbic acid and B vitamins. In the absence of contraindications (gastritis, peptic ulcer), NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are used. Treatment of herpes infection is carried out with antiviral and antihistamines. Shown is the local use of antiherpetic drugs in the form of an ointment. Women are advised not to wear tight underwear. Additionally, sedatives, antidepressants, vitamin complexes are prescribed, and mustard plasters, compresses, and anti-inflammatory ointments are used locally in the area of ​​pain localization. Patients are advised to exclude stress on the body, stress, and alcohol for the entire period of treatment.

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