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Modern methods of treatment of Cardiomyopathy


Modern methods of treatment of Cardiomyopathy

Modern methods of treatment of Cardiomyopathy

Cardiomyopathy is a change in the muscle of the heart of an often unexplained cause. The condition for the diagnosis of cardiomyopathy is the absence (or exclusion after examination) of congenital malformations, valvular heart defects, lesions caused by systemic vascular diseases, arterial hypertension, pericarditis, as well as some rare variants of lesions of the cardiac conduction system.

Dilated cardiomyopathy symptoms:
1. Increasing heart failure.
2. Shortness of breath on exertion.
3. Rapid fatigue.
4. Swelling of the legs. 5. Pale skin.
6. Blue fingertips.

Symptoms of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy:
1. Shortness of breath.
2. Pain in the chest.
3. Tendency to fainting, palpitations.

Restrictive cardiomyopathy symptoms:
1. Swelling.
2. Shortness of breath.

Treatment Due to the lack of specific therapy, the treatment of cardiomyopathy is aimed at preventing complications incompatible with life. If the disease is in a stable phase, all measures are prescribed and carried out on an outpatient basis. Necessarily under the supervision of a cardiologist. The indication for periodic planned hospitalization is the presence of severe heart failure, for emergency - the development of intractable paroxysms of arrhythmias, as well as thromboembolism and pulmonary edema.

Medical treatment. With various manifestations of cardiomyopathy, it is advisable to prescribe:
1.diuretics that reduce pulmonary and systemic venous congestion;
2. cardiac glycosides, which help fight violations of myocardial contractility and pumping function;
3. antiarrhythmic drugs to help correct the heart rate;
4. anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents to prevent the occurrence of thromboembolic complications of cardiomyopathy.

Surgery. Indicated in extremely severe cases. Among the methods practiced today, one can distinguish septal myotomy (resection of an enlarged part of the interventricular septum) and mitral valve replacement, as well as whole heart transplantation.
In addition, experts emphasize the need to reduce physical activity, adhere to a diet, an important condition for which is to limit the consumption of animal fats and salt. It is strongly recommended to exclude bad habits and the impact of negative external factors. Compliance with these recommendations will significantly reduce the load on the myocardium and slow the progression of heart failure.

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