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Nascent uterine fibroids


Nascent uterine fibroids

Nascent uterine fibroids

Myoma is a benign neoplasm of the uterus. Today, myomatous formations occupy the 2nd place in the structure of problems that are addressed to a gynecologist. Up to 40% of women of childbearing age experience or will experience uterine fibroids in their lives. Myomatous nodes are the most favorable type of neoplasms of the female pelvic organs of all possible. The tumor consists of cells of smooth muscle tissue, on the surface of which there are more hormone receptors than neighboring cells, which gives it the opportunity for rapid growth. Such tumors are called hormonally dependent. Fibroids appear exclusively in girls and women during menarche (on average, from 15 to 49 years).

The decision on the choice of treatment tactics should be made jointly by the doctor and the patient. Therapy can be radically different depending on the age, reproductive and life plans of the woman.

Surgical treatment is recommended if the patient has:

- abnormal uterine bleeding;

- anemia (as consequences);

- persistent (chronic) pain in the lower abdomen;

- endometrial polyps;

- adenomatosis in history;

- disorders of other pelvic organs, such as the rectum and bladder;

large neoplasms or a rapid increase in size, as well as growth during menopause, when hormonal activity normally decreases, and there should be no incentives for growth;

submucosal, cervical or isthmus location of fibroids.

Methods of surgical treatment:

  To solve the problem today, a wide range of treatment methods are used:

- Surgical removal of fibroids;

- Conservative treatment;

- Uterine artery embolization (UAE);

- FUS - ablation of myomatous nodes under the control of MRI.

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