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Ozone procedure


Ozone procedure

Ozone procedure

Methods of administration can be systemic and local. Local methods of administration affect individual parts of the body, allowing you to eliminate pain, inflammation, accelerate skin healing, eliminate cellulite, and so on.

Systemic ones affect the whole body as a whole and improve overall well-being, strengthen immunity, normalize sleep, and improve mood. What local ozone therapy includes:

• Subcutaneous and intradermal administration of microdoses of ozone with a syringe.

• Aeration in a plastic bag.

• Intra-articular and periarticular ozone administration.

• Application of ozonized oil.

• Small autohemotherapy with ozone.

Systemic ozone therapy includes the following methods:

• Large autohemotherapy with ozone.

• Intravenous administration of ozonized saline.

• Ingestion of ozonized water.

• Intramuscular administration of ozone.
Intravenous drip

It is carried out by the introduction of an ozonized saline solution intravenously using a dropper for 30-45 minutes. It has an effective and long-term effect on the body, is used in the form of an oxygen-ozone mixture and saline solution for the treatment of all kinds of viral and bacterial diseases.

Subcutaneous ozone administration

This method is most often used in the treatment of skin and hair in cosmetology. In therapy, the subcutaneous administration of ozone is applicable for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

During the procedure, a 20 ml syringe is used, with the help of which the oxygen-ozone mixture is injected into the external points.

Clinical application of ozone therapy

The use of ozone therapy for the treatment of various diseases is based on the unique spectrum of ozone effects on the body. Ozone therapy has immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antiviral,
fungicidal, cytostatic, antistress and analgesic action. Ozone therapy is successfully applied
in almost all areas of medicine: in emergency and purulent surgery, general and infectious therapy, gynecology,
urology, dermatology, hepatology, gastroenterology, dentistry, cosmetology, etc.

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