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Purulent pharyngitis


Purulent pharyngitis

Purulent pharyngitis

Purulent pharyngitis

Purulent pharyngitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx and tonsils, often of a viral or bacterial nature. Treatment of pharyngitis in the initial stages guarantees the complete disappearance of the problem, but when the condition is neglected, the disease can become chronic and provoke the development of problems with other organs.

The reason for the development of the disease

A natural process for humans is nasal breathing. The nasal passages are designed so that the inhaled air comes with a slight delay. During these pauses, it warms up, is filtered and in this form is fed into the body. When the nose is stuffed up and breathing occurs through the mouth, the risk of pharyngitis increases - after all, the air does not pass through the “filters” and enters through the mouth with bacteria, viruses, dust, etc. The unnatural process causes the throat to dry out, it becomes a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic flora .

Other reasons include:

• Avitaminosis and malnutrition;

• Bad habits;

• Injuries;

• Chemical fumes;

• Contact with allergens.

Often, past diseases contribute to pharyngitis, for example, diabetes mellitus, dental caries, heart, kidney failure, sinusitis, sinusitis and others.


Acute pharyngitis is usually catarrhal, that is, superficial. Purulent forms are less common.

Varieties of chronic pharyngitis:

• Catarrhal, accompanied by prolonged superficial inflammation and circulatory disorders, which leads to venous congestion and constant tissue swelling;

• Hypertrophic, in which there is a thickening of all layers of the pharyngeal wall, as well as hypertrophy of lymphoid follicles;

• Atrophic with a decrease in the number of mucous glands, thinning, dryness and increased injury of the walls of the pharynx.

Methods for treating pharyngitis depend on its form: if antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed in an acute process, then in a chronic process, local therapy and physiotherapy methods aimed at regenerating normal pharyngeal tissues are of greater importance.

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