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Rectal fistula. Symptoms Treatment. Diagnostics


Rectal fistula. Symptoms Treatment. Diagnostics

Rectal fistula. Symptoms Treatment. Diagnostics

Rectal fistula is a chronic inflammatory process in pararectal tissue, with damage to the anal crypt (the entrance gate for infection is the internal fistulous opening), and the presence of a fistulous passage. As a rule, the onset of the disease is acute purulent paraproctitis (acute purulent inflammation in the perrectal tissue), which requires urgent surgical treatment.
Acute inflammation - pararectal abscess or acute paraproctitis - leads to the accumulation of purulent contents in the tissues. If you do not get medical help in the early stages, a pathological fistulous course develops, which allows the body to get rid of the accumulated exudate. But at the same time, the inflammatory process continues to persist, although it turns into a chronic form.

Types of rectal fistulas:
- Full: have two holes, one in the rectum, and the other, external on the skin, located next to the anus.
- Incomplete: such a fistula has only an internal or only an external opening. It is believed that this is an intermediate option, and in the absence of medical intervention, the fistula will become complete.

Symptoms of rectal fistula depend on the severity of the inflammatory process, the structural features of the pathological course, the degree of tissue damage. The formation of the canal can proceed without manifestations or with mild discomfort in the anus.

- Bloody, purulent, bloody discharge. Patients may notice the appearance of pinpoint spots on the linen.
- Pain along the canal. Pressing down can intensify the discomfort. There is pain during bowel movements.
- Redness, swelling of the skin in the pathological area.

There are no conservative methods for treating rectal fistula. The pathological course in the tissues cannot be eliminated with the help of drugs. Therefore, medications can only prevent exacerbation, suppuration, alleviate the general condition, but not cope with the main problem.

- pain relievers;
- systemic and local antibiotics;
- local drugs to accelerate healing;
- medicines to regulate bowel function.

The most common are the following types of operations:

- Excision on the probe. The doctor uses the probe as a guide, which minimizes damage to closely spaced healthy tissue.
- Removal of the canal with opening and drainage of streaks. In this case, the doctor conducts an audit of the pockets with purulent contents.
- Excision with suturing of the sphincter. This type of intervention is required when the sphincter is damaged.

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