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Rehabilitation after viral pneumonia


Rehabilitation after viral pneumonia

Rehabilitation after viral pneumonia

Any pneumonia is an injury to the lungs, intoxication of all organs and oxygen starvation, the development of respiratory failure and as a result a violation of the most important functions of the body.
Viral pneumonia is more likely than other types of pneumonia to cause lung damage because the pathological process often involves entire lung tissue rather than individual areas. Compared to other types of viral or viral-bacterial pneumonia, coronavirus pneumonia is more common. causing serious damage. to the lungs.
The discovery showed that even in humans with a low symptomatic course of the disease, lung damage can also occur; computed tomography described large areas of decreased lung tissue transparency - the “symptom of frostbite”. Later, fibrosis appears at the site of the injury, replacing the lung tissue with connective tissue (scars). Therefore, patients, especially those with severe disease, develop chronic respiratory failure and other chronic lung diseases.

Extrapulmonary complications of viral pneumonia, and especially coronavirus pneumonia, are often a worsening of the course of chronic diseases of the heart, brain, kidneys, endocrine system.

Can be developed:

1. Acute pathology of the cardiovascular system - acute myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle),
2. from the nervous system - meningitis, encephalitis
3. acute pathology of other organs.

In addition, if a person worries about general weakness, fatigue, nervousness, frequent mood swings, sleep disorders, depression, "post-viral asthenia" syndrome is known, which also requires therapeutic measures, strengthening the body.
People with hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, cancer, and other serious chronic diseases, as well as members of the older generation over the age of 65, are at risk.
It is important to prevent the development of respiratory failure as much as possible during the recovery period after viral (especially coronavirus pneumonia), timely correction of chronic diseases, and diagnosis of acute complications.
Recovery from pneumonia of various origins is a slow process. Recovery time is different for each person - depending on age, general condition of the body, chronic diseases that come with it.

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