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Restoration of patency of the fallopian tubes


Restoration of patency of the fallopian tubes

Restoration of patency of the fallopian tubes

The fallopian tube (fallopian tube) is a paired tubular organ that essentially connects the uterine cavity with the abdominal cavity. The main function of the fallopian tube is the delivery of a fertilized egg (zygote) to the implantation site in the endometrium, which is carried out due to the peristalsis of the fallopian tubes and their villi lining the uterine cavity.

According to statistics, from 40 to 80% of female infertility is associated with complete obstruction of the fallopian tubes - the so-called tubal-peritoneal infertility. Therefore, one of the important points in the examination of a woman, in the absence of pregnancy for more than a year, is a diagnostic laparoscopy with an assessment of the patency of the fallopian tubes.


Despite a number of advantages and possibilities of laparoscopy, there are absolute and relative contraindications to its implementation. These include:

- state of shock;

- severe infectious diseases;

- blood clotting disorders;

- severe diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory systems, liver, kidneys and other organs in the stage of decompensation;

- hernia of the anterior abdominal wall of a large size;

- infection of the anterior abdominal wall;

- intense ascites;

- pregnancy (second trimester);

- diaphragmatic hernia;

- obesity 3-4 degrees.

With obstruction of the fallopian tubes, symptoms, signs may be absent, this pathology may not be reflected in any way on the general state of health and well-being. There are cases when a young woman is protected so as not to become pregnant during periods of life when they do not plan to have children, and when the desire to have a baby comes, the absence of pregnancy and the diagnostics performed indicate serious problems with the fallopian tubes. This happens, unfortunately, not infrequently .‚Äč

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