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Rigmoidoscopy (sigmoidoscopy) in Tashkent


Rigmoidoscopy (sigmoidoscopy) in Tashkent

Rigmoidoscopy (sigmoidoscopy) in Tashkent

Sigmoidoscopy (sigmoidoscopy) is a method of examining the inner surface of the rectum and the distal sigmoid colon using a tube endoscope (rectoscope) inserted through the anus.

Most often, sigmoidoscopy complements the results obtained with digital rectal examination and anoscopy.

Indications for sigmoidoscopy:
- Bleeding from the lower parts of the digestive tract;
- prolapse of hemorrhoids;
- Prolapse of tumor-like formations or the intestinal wall (mucosal prolapse);
- Symptoms of incomplete bowel movement;
- Pathological discharge from the rectum (pus, mucus)
- Constipation, unstable stool;
- Suspicion of foreign bodies.
In case of suspicion of the presence of an ulcer, polyps, a tumor of the rectum, the doctor can also prescribe a diagnosis.

Sigmoidoscopy makes it possible to identify nonspecific ulcerative colitis, chronic and acute proctosigmoiditis, anomalies in the development of the distal colon and other pathologies. With the help of research, it is often possible to determine the cause of intestinal bleeding.

It is not necessary to carry out rectoscopy with:
- Exacerbation of anal fissures;
- Violations of blood coagulation;
- Peritonitis;
- Chemical and thermal burns of the area under study;
- Intestinal infections;
- ORP;
- Profuse bleeding.

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