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Scar removal


Scar removal

Scar removal

High-quality Scar removal in Tashkent, carried out under the supervision of the most experienced plastic surgeons of Uzbekistan in the multidisciplinary clinic Gatling Med.

The scar is a dense connective tissue that has arisen due to such skin lesions as:

Chemical and thermal types of burns

All kinds of wounds

Skin diseases

The scar is formed in the area of ​​the wound, which has a large area.

There are 4 types of scars (scars):

1. Keloid scars. They are located in the soft parts of the skin, adapted to frequent tension (chest, shoulders, back), and therefore constantly increase in size and have a red-violet hue.

2. Atrophic scars. In other words, scars with a retracted appearance. Such scars are located in the lower part of the surrounding skin. They are smaller in thickness compared to normotrophic and have a pink color.

3. Normotrophic scars. Such scars do not change in size and are located closer to normal tissues with an elastic appearance. The shade of such scars is white or flesh.

4. Hypertrophic scars. They are located only on the territory of the wound area and have a dense shape and a pink tint.

Thanks to the modern equipment of our clinic, plastic surgeons manage to almost completely remove scars and prevent their reappearance in the shortest possible time and, most importantly, as painlessly as possible. Complete removal of skin scars is unfortunately impossible, but with the help of surgical intervention, it is possible to reduce the size of the scar to an almost imperceptible one.

A surgical procedure is performed using a laser or a scalpel, using non-traumatic suture material. It is also important to take into account the date when the skin was damaged, since it will be possible to perform the operation only 4 months after the injury.

To perform the operation, the surgeon will need to inquire about the following information about the patient:

Scar size

The nature of the damaged skin

The tendency of the body to form a keloid scar

Scar location

The direction in which the scar is localized to skin tension

Patient's age

Having received all the data about the patient, the doctor begins the operation process. To begin with, the former scar is excised and the edges of the wound are compared. After that, intradermal suturing of a cosmetic type occurs. And the operation ends with the application of an aseptic bandage.

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