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Stuttering treatment


Stuttering treatment

Stuttering treatment

Stuttering (logoneurosis) is a common speech disorder. It manifests itself in the frequent repetition of both individual sounds or syllables, and whole words. In some cases, the patient does not repeat sounds, syllables or words, but lengthens them. Stuttering can also be manifested by frequent stops of speech, its "indecision". A person experiences difficulties with a sudden violation of the coordinated work of speech organs and centers during the pronunciation of a speech. The problem is provoked by cramps that occur both in the muscles involved in the formation of sounds and in the respiratory muscles. For this reason, many patients suffer not only directly from stuttering, but also from breathing disorders. Patients complain of a sudden feeling of shortness of breath.
Stuttering affects about 4% of children and 2% of adults today. This pathology can occur for a variety of reasons, be congenital or acquired. Often, stuttering provokes communication problems, slows down the development of the child, and stimulates complexes. At the same time, some people live with this violation all their lives, embarrassed to turn to specialists. In fact, stuttering is successfully treated. This is also proved by the doctors of the MEDSI clinics, who use both traditional and innovative methods of therapy. You just need to contact a specialist as soon as possible, who will select the appropriate method for correcting speech impairment. Some children have “false stuttering”. It is not a pathology, but consists in the child's simple copying of the behavior of adults. If mom or dad stutters, the child wants to be like them and adopts a special "manner of speech."


Speech therapists-defectologists are engaged in the treatment of children. It is these doctors who make up the correctional program. It is developed individually, taking into account the true causes of pathology, the age of the child, his social environment and other factors. Modern corrective techniques are based on the normalization of breathing and control of the rate of speech. Classes with children are carried out in a pleasant, easy-to-play form. Usually, together with the child, the doctor reads and memorizes rhymes, sings songs, trains the vocal apparatus in other ways.

Such therapy is relevant if the baby's stuttering is triggered by a stressful situation. Usually, doctors prescribe mild sedatives. If necessary, in advanced cases, tranquilizers and drugs that prevent spasms (including convulsive ones) are additionally recommended.

You can safely start treatment, which we carry out as quickly and efficiently as possible in Tashkent. The Gatling Med clinic will make you feel confident in yourself and your health.

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