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Surgical removal of scars and scars


Surgical removal of scars and scars

Surgical removal of scars and scars

Scar removal is a set of therapeutic and cosmetic measures aimed at reducing or completely eliminating existing connective tissue scars. In modern conditions, scar removal is carried out using laser technologies, most often it is laser resurfacing with an erbium laser. Its effect is based on the creation of microchannels in the skin, against the background of which the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers is stimulated. As a result, the scar becomes softer and more elastic, acquiring a natural color. Depending on the depth and size, complete scar removal can take from 1-2 to 5-6 procedures.

Causes of occurrence Scars and scars can appear not only as a result of injury or after an operation, but also for the following reasons:
skin diseases (boils, acne, acne);
insect or animal bites;
contact with poisonous plants.

The main types of scars are:
atrophic or sinking (below the skin level) - the effects of acne, stretch marks;
hypertrophic, dark in color and rather rough, towering above the skin;
normotrophic, looking like thin pale lines;
keloid, reddish or pinkish in color, somewhat elevated with characteristic itching sensations, pains, with a tendency to overgrow.
Indications Indications for a surgical operation to remove scars or scars is the presence of unaesthetic skin lesions on the skin, regardless of the reason for their appearance. An operation is performed if:
the scar reduces attractiveness;
lowers self-esteem;
attracts the attention of others;
irritates the patient;

Specialists in the field of plastic surgery do not recommend performing scar removal operations on patients under the age of 16.
The course of the operation The choice of the method of performing the operation to remove scars and scars depends on the location, size and cause of the appearance. The operation allows you to remove even very terrible scars and scars, making the skin smooth.
Rehabilitation The rehabilitation period after the removal of scars and scars by surgery is 5 to 7 days. During this period, patients should follow the doctor's recommendations. During the week, it is forbidden to visit the pool, sauna or bath, during the month - to the solarium.
Doctors Plastic surgery for the removal of scars and scars at the Gatling-Med Clinic is performed by highly qualified doctors with vast experience, who own modern technologies. You can get information about the competence of surgeons, choose specialists and sign up for a consultation on the website
The following facts speak in favor of choosing the "Gatling-Med" clinic in Tashkent for the removal of scars and scars:
 1.high qualification of plastic surgeons and medical personnel;
 2. availability of modern medical and diagnostic equipment;
 3. high level of service with affordable prices.

You can safely start treatment, which we carry out as quickly and efficiently as possible in Tashkent. The Gatling Med clinic will make you feel confident in yourself and your health!

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