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Surgical treatment of varicocele


Surgical treatment of varicocele

Surgical treatment of varicocele

Varicose veins of the testicles (varicocele) is a pathology that is often found in boys during a period of rapid growth. In men, this pathology can serve as a problem with conception.

Often this disease is detected only with an ultrasound of the scrotum, when a man goes to the doctor about a long period of infertility. Unfortunately, there are no bright and pronounced symptoms of varicocele of the first and second degree, only the third is expressed by persistent pain and visible dilation of the veins in the scrotum

Treatment methods for varicocele Varicocele is treated with the following methods:




Conservative treatment makes sense if the patient does not plan offspring, since the disease does not affect sexual functions, but can lead to relapse and the inability to have children. Drug treatment and wearing a special scrotum-supporting structure (suspensorium) allows.
To eliminate the risks of complications leading to persistent impossibility of conception, varicocele surgery is recommended. Especially experts insist on surgical intervention in childhood and adolescence, in order to avoid irreversible damage to the spermatogenic epithelium.

Indications for surgery

Severe pain in the testicle.

Impossibility of conception as a result of varicocele.

Unaesthetic appearance.

Testicular retardation if varicocele is diagnosed in childhood.

Surgical treatment of varicocele is carried out by several methods.

How is varicocele surgery performed? The operation consists in isolating and ligating the ovarian veins in the subgroin area. The spermatic cord is isolated through a micro incision. All dilated veins that surround the testicle are removed and ligated. The wound is sutured in layers with a cosmetic suture.

We guarantee your safety by using modern and high-quality Austrian or French-made anesthesia products.
We do not use low-quality analogues of any drugs, which minimizes the risk of complications.
The use of a surgical microscope ensures that all of my patients preserve the testicular artery.
We do not send the patient for follow-up treatment to obscure polyclinics, we provide both inpatient and outpatient stages of treatment.

You can safely start treatment, which we carry out as quickly and efficiently as possible in Tashkent. Gatling Med Clinic will make you feel confident in yourself and in your health!

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