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Treatment of cervical erosion


Treatment of cervical erosion

Treatment of cervical erosion

Erosion of the cervix is a defect in the mucous membrane that requires mandatory treatment. If the disease is not cured in time, it can cause the development of a malignant formation - cervical cancer. Not only health, but also the life of a woman depends on timely treatment. Most often, the phenomenon is asymptomatic, but in some cases it is accompanied by purulent or bloody discharge. The progression of the condition increases the risk of developing oncopathologies or polypous formations of the cervical mucosa.

Causes of pathology

Erosion does not pose a danger to the body and up to 18 years is considered a variant of the norm. At a later age, when diagnosing erosion, it is worth paying attention to the state of the genitourinary system - being examined for STDs and observing ectopia in dynamics.

Provoking factors for the occurrence of pathology:

Early sexual activity (under the age of 16). In childhood, as well as during the neonatal period, the displacement of the cylindrical epithelium towards the external pharynx is the norm. The early onset of sexual relations can cause trauma and inflammation of the transformation zone.

Hormonal imbalance. In 75% of cases, erosion is observed in girls in puberty and in women during pregnancy.

Injuries of the mucous membrane of the cervical canal during abortion, as a result of childbirth, the installation of a spiral, birth injuries.

Inflammatory processes of the urogenital tract.

Ectropion. Eversion of the cervical canal into the vagina leads to pseudo-erosion and cicatricial changes in the cervical mucosa.

The use of oral contraceptives or the installation of intrauterine devices. The latter significantly injure the cervical mucosa, leading to its inflammation and erosion.

The presence of trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, urogenital herpes, chlamydia.

Symptoms of cervical erosion:

- A typical clinical picture of this pathology is an asymptomatic course. When an infection is attached, a woman has the following symptoms:

- Mucous or purulent discharge from the cervix, caused by increased activity of the glands of the cylindrical epithelium.

- Bleeding during and after sex, which are the result of trauma to the vessels located on the surface of erosion.

- Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia).

- Change in the volume of menstrual blood.

- Minor pains in the lower abdomen, in the ovarian region, which pass on their own.

- Metrorrhagia (vaginal bleeding between periods).

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