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Treatment of dropsy of the scrotum


Treatment of dropsy of the scrotum

Treatment of dropsy of the scrotum

With dropsy of the testicle in boys, there is an increase in the scrotum in size on one or both sides. In the case of a communicating hydrocele, the enlargement of the scrotum is transient; with isolated - an increase in the scrotum occurs gradually. The size of the scrotum with dropsy of the testicle in boys can reach a goose egg, and in advanced cases - a child's head. Communicating dropsy of the testicle in boys can have a different size and tension during the day: the swelling of the scrotum reaches its greatest size during the day, when the child moves; at night, in the supine position, the tumor may disappear due to the emptying of the contents of the dropsy sac into the abdominal cavity.

Dropsy of the testicle in boys, as a rule, proceeds painlessly and without signs of inflammation. With secondary infection of the hydrocele, soreness, redness of the scrotum, chills, fever, and vomiting may appear. With a large volume of accumulated fluid in children, urination may be difficult and acute urinary retention may develop. Older children note unpleasant bursting sensations, heaviness in the groin area and discomfort when walking. The classification of dropsy of the testicles depends on the reasons that provoked the formation of the pathology. Dropsy of the testicular membranes can be congenital and acquired. Congenital hydrocele is recognized in about eighty percent of babies. The reasons for the formation of dropsy - a failure in the development of the testicles. The testicle, as the child grows from the abdominal cavity, descends through the inguinal canal, which is shrouded in the vaginal process of the peritoneum. Within a few months, if the vaginal process does not overgrow, then the fluid from the abdominal cavity overflows into the testicular membranes.


Dropsy of the testicular membranes is quite common in newborn boys and in most cases resolves on its own during the first year of life. If the independent disappearance of the fluid does not occur, it is recommended to carry out surgical treatment after 1 year 6 months.

If the accumulation of fluid in the membranes of the testicles occurs at 2-3 years of age and older, then, as a rule, an operation is also indicated. In addition, there are a number of indications in which surgical intervention for dropsy of the testicle is performed on children from 12 to 18 months: attachment of the testicular membranes to the dropsy of the inguinal hernia, the presence of too much fluid in the scrotum, which causes excessive tension of the testicular membranes, discomfort or pain in the scrotum . The intervention is performed through a small incision (2-3 cm) in the groin area. After the surgical treatment of dropsy of the testicle in a child, the wound is sutured, a sterile bandage is applied. There are no scars on the abdomen. There remains an inconspicuous scar, 2 cm long. On average, an operation for dropsy of the testicle in children lasts 35-60 minutes.

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