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Ultrasound of mammary glands


Ultrasound of mammary glands

Ultrasound of mammary glands

Ultrasound examination is both an independent method for detecting benign and malignant tumors, and an additional one, used in conjunction with mammography. In some cases, ultrasound is superior to mammography - when examining dense mammary glands in young women; in women with fibrocystic breast disease, in the identification of cysts. In addition, ultrasound scanners are used for dynamic observation of already identified benign breast neoplasms to determine if any changes have occurred. During pregnancy and lactation, ultrasound is the leading method for examining the mammary glands.
The principle of operation is based on the fact that a special device sends ultrasonic waves into the body, which are reflected from tissues with different densities, and this reflected signal is recorded by a sensor. The received signal changes depending on the density or other characteristics of the tissues. Then it is converted into a digital signal, which the doctor can see on the monitor screen in the form of a fairly clear image of the anatomical structures.

Indications for ultrasound of the mammary glands:

- Any chest complaints (soreness, engorgement, discomfort, nipple discharge).
- Visible changes in the shape, size, contours, and skin of the breast, which have not been observed before.
- Examination of the mammary glands in men in the presence of complaints (asymmetry of the mammary glands, the presence of seals and painful sensations).
- Diagnostics of the condition of the breast in pregnant women, during the feeding period, as well as when planning pregnancy.
- Diagnosis of cysts, tumors and any other benign or malignant neoplasms that were identified on their own, during a doctor's examination or during other studies (chest x-ray, mammography).
- Assessment of the condition of the breast after injury or during an inflammatory process (mastitis).
- Swollen lymph nodes (axillary, supraclavicular and subclavian).

Ultrasound of the mammary glands does not require special preliminary preparation. For a more objective assessment of the condition of the breast (to identify signs of mastopathy), it is recommended to conduct a study 4-8 days from the onset of menstruation. However, if you are worried about pain, the presence of palpable formations in the tissues of the breast or in the axillary regions, an ultrasound examination is performed on any day of the cycle without reducing the diagnostic value of this examination.

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