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Varicocelectomy - causes, stages, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment


Varicocelectomy - causes, stages, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Varicocelectomy - causes, stages, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Varicocelectomy surgery is a broad concept because there are several ways to perform it. Each type of intervention has its advantages and disadvantages, including the effectiveness of the manipulation, the duration of rehabilitation, the pain of the process, the presence of complications and relapses.

Varicocelectomy is the removal of dilated testicular vessels.

Traditional varicocelectomy is an open method called Ivanissevich (Palomo) surgery. The surgeon connects and cuts the injured vein through a large incision (approximately 7 cm) in the lateral area. To enter the vessels of the pampiniform plexus, not only the skin but also the fibers, fascia, aponeurosis, muscles are separated, which are then sutured into layers. Given its high invasiveness, the rehabilitation period is characterized by high duration, risk of complications, and long-term limitations for the patient.

Microsurgical varicocelectomy is an innovative method of marble that is performed with minimal tissue damage. The incision is only 2 cm long. The surgeon pulls the sperm cord out, carefully separating each dilated vein and stopping it. A cosmetic suture of self-absorbing sutures is applied to the wound and the person leaves the clinic after 3-5 hours. After a maximum of 2 weeks, the patient returns to a normal routine. There are no complications with this technique, and the number of relapses is minimal.

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