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Ingrown toenail. Diagnostics. Treatment


Ingrown toenail. Diagnostics. Treatment

Ingrown toenail. Diagnostics. Treatment

An ingrown toenail on the thumb is one of the polyethological diseases. Its development is caused by a combination of internal and external factors. Without their identification and elimination, it is impossible to achieve recovery. The most significant factors include:

Symptoms of an ingrown toenail
The disease has a number of characteristic external manifestations: this is a deformation of the nail plate due to the influx of soft tissues on it from the periarticular roller and the manifestation of a purulent-inflammatory process of varying severity. Externally, the affected phalanx on the leg looks as if the nail is immersed in the tissue. The roller on one or both sides begins to grow from the periphery to the center, becomes inflamed, injured, ulcerated and covered with granulations. Granulation tissue forms growths that further narrow the bed.

Treatment of ingrown toenail
The main cause of relapses of onychocryptosis is a long-term purulent-inflammatory process in the surrounding tissues. If the inflammation is not stopped at the preparatory stage, no surgical technique can guarantee the patient a satisfactory result. In this regard, an ingrown toenail requires a comprehensive approach to treatment.

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