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Endosurgery in Tashkent. Modern methods of surgery in the multidisciplinary clinic Gatling Med in Uzbekistan.

Endosurgery is a high-tech and modern direction in surgery.

Endosurgery does not require wide incisions. Small, minor punctures are made and long, thin instruments are inserted into the body cavity. With the help of a small television camera, it becomes possible to carry out manipulation for the treatment of a surgical disease in a visual position.

Endosurgical operation is carried out using special instruments that are available at the GATLING-MED clinic. Operating endoscope, optical device (video endoscope), miniature camera with a maximum weight of 100 g, illuminator. All these devices enable surgeons and other doctors performing the operation to observe all movements on the screen in an enlarged view. The length of the tools used is from 30 to 40 cm, and the width is from 2 to 12 mm.

Advantages of endoscopic surgery:

- Absence of complications (formation of large ventral hernias, eventration)

- The volume of the dissected tissue is much smaller, that is, only 3-5 punctures with a diameter of 1 cm are performed

- The severity of postoperative pain is much less

- Small amount of blood loss

- The risk of adhesion formation is low due to cooling or drying of the serous surface

- Reducing the need for drugs

- The period of postoperative recovery is 2-3 times less, in this regard, the stay in the hospital period becomes 3-5 times less

Endosurgery at the GATLING-MED clinic allows you to perform an operation with a minimum amount of dissected tissue and the most effective result. And most importantly, it does not leave very noticeable postoperative marks.

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