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Advantages of endoscopic urology:

Minimal tissue injury. That is, the area of the cut tissue becomes significantly smaller since the operation does not require external incisions. It also reduces the rehabilitation period and eliminates the risk of complications. 

Performing the operation without incisions. During the operation, the endoscope is inserted through a natural opening, which eliminates the presence of scars and scars. Only in the case of nephroscopy, a small incision is made in the lumbar region, which is 2 cm in size.

High information content about the operation execution process. By displaying an image of the operation on the screen, the surgeon is informed about all the details of its execution.

In the GATLING-MED multidisciplinary clinic, a number of endourological diseases are treated with a highly accurate diagnosis and an effective result of therapies.

Ureteral constriction. Balloon dilation is performed, as well as ureter stenting. 

Prostate adenoma. Layer-by-layer cutting and elimination is performed

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