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Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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Medical Laboratory in Tashkent at the multidisciplinary clinic Gatling Med. Laboratory diagnostics from the most experienced doctors of Uzbekistan.
Laboratory diagnostics is one of the main parts of medicine, with the help of which timely medical assistance is provided. In the shortest possible time, accurate and high-quality data on the state and process of the body are issued thanks to the most modern technology in Tashkent, equipment and reagents used in the Gatling Med clinic.

Why is it worth getting tested in the laboratory of the Gatling med clinic?

Our laboratory brings together the most experienced specialists in their field, the latest research methods, advanced technologies (equipment) and high information content of the analysis results. Thanks to this, we provide a unique approach to the delivery of tests for Uzbekistan.

The laboratory services of the clinic include:

General urine analysis

General blood analysis

Blood chemistry


Microscopic examination

Bacteriological examination

Hemotological examination

With the widest possible range of research methods, it becomes convenient to determine the state of human health and identify many types of infectious diseases, characteristics of organs and systems of hormonal levels.

You need to start preparing for the delivery of blood tests from a vein already in 14 days. First of all, it is worth excluding the intake of any medications. The intake of food, alcohol and the use of tobacco products must be excluded 12 hours before taking the tests. Blood sampling is carried out on an empty stomach in the morning.

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