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Proctology in Tashkent. Colon disease treatment at the Gatling Med multidisciplinary clinic, equipped with the latest medical equipment and experienced doctors who have been treating colon diseases for 20 years.

Most people often take painful sensations in the anus not quite seriously and turn to a proctologist at a later stage of the disease. Periodic pain is already the beginning of proctological problems and it is very rare when these diseases can pass over time. But the risk that these painful sensations can turn into a chronic stage is very high. Inattention to oneself and one's health can lead to serious consequences (ulcers, swellings, ulcerative colitis, etc.).

Diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the colon, pararectal area and anus is carried out with the help of modern technologies and experienced doctors of proctologists as efficiently and efficiently as possible.

The symptoms of proctological diseases are:

Discomfort in the anal canal

Blood and mucous discharge from the anus

The presence of formations in the anus

Painful feelings during bowel movements

For practice, it is recommended to arrange a visit to the doctor proctologist for people in adulthood and when planning a pregnancy.

The proctology of the Gatling med clinic treats such diseases as:

Anal itching


Colon tumors

Anal warts


Anal fissures

Effective treatment, the right approach, professional support and a favorable reception, these are the features of the proctologists at the Gatling med clinic, which gives everyone confidence in their healthy future in Tashkent.

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