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Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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Gatling Med

Medical center
in Tashkent

The multi-profile private clinic "GATLING-MED" was founded in 2006, and this year marks the 10th anniversary! We are proud that in a relatively short period of time our private clinic has taken a firm position among other medical clinics in Tashkent. Our characteristic feature is that the clinic is equipped with medical equipment according to the latest word of world medicine. We have highly qualified doctors of the highest category who have been trained and trained abroad. All employees have certificates of international importance. "GATLING-MED" offers a wide range of medical services, ranging from simple analyzes to complex surgical and plastic surgeries. In addition, the quality of care and patient care is guaranteed here.


28+ more qualified specialists


27+ Medical services


30+ Medical equipments


15+ Years of experience

we are the best
medical center


Our clinic provides quality service for all patients. Our team was selected for their positive attitude, motivational skills and commitment to providing the highest quality service. The Gatling Med clinic takes care of your health!

- Highly Qualified Doctors
- 24 × 7 Emergency Services
- Modern methods of treatment
- Accurate Diagnostics
- A wide range of services
- Hospital treatment

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