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Ozone therapy at covid 19


Ozone therapy at covid 19

Ozone therapy at covid 19

At the Gatling Med medical center, ozone therapy is performed for people who have had coronavirus. Rehabilitation using ozone is carried out in compliance with all sanitary standards, directly in the clinic and with a visit to the patient's home. Ozone therapy sessions are conducted by qualified doctors with many years of experience. The work schedule is round-the-clock. At the clinic, you can also undergo a PCR test for covid (mucus from the nose) and take a blood test for the qualitative detection of antibodies, which is the most accurate test for detecting coronavirus infection in humans.

The benefits of ozone therapy for COVID-19 As foreign experience has shown, the use of ozone therapy for coronavirus allows the body to recover more quickly, fight the virus, strengthen the body's defenses, and improve the state of the respiratory and nervous system. Systemic ozone therapy allows you to stop the development of a viral infection in the body and accelerates the regeneration processes in case of complications (atypical pneumonia). Ozone treatment increases the effectiveness of drug therapy and eliminates the need for patient intubation. Today ozone therapy is actively used during the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with COVID-19 in China, Spain, Italy, France, the USA, etc. In addition, ozone is an effective means for disinfecting human skin, as well as for disinfecting rooms and various surfaces of objects.

Ozone therapy for the treatment and prevention of coronavirus infection For the prevention of acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections and coronavirus, doctors recommend everyone to undergo a preventive course of ozone therapy. In a pandemic, this will allow a person, if not to avoid infection, then to minimize the consequences of the disease as much as possible. If a person has a strong immune system, then the disease may be asymptomatic or mild. Therefore, the best thing that everyone can do for themselves is to strengthen the immune system in advance and follow all preventive measures (wear masks, wash hands, use antiseptics, etc.). Ozone is a viricidal noble gas. Ozone molecules oxidize the virus molecules in the body, thereby slowing down its spread. Ozone also has a beneficial effect on the liver, lymphatic system, neurons, where most of the viral mass is stored at the intracellular level. The duration of ozone therapy sessions and their number are determined by the doctor for each patient individually.

Useful properties of ozone:
1. Has a powerful antiseptic effect
2. Speeds up metabolism;
3. Has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect
4. Has an analgesic effect; Accelerates the process of removing toxins from the body;
5. Normalizes the immune system; Improves microcirculation.

You can safely start the treatment, which we carry out as quickly and efficiently as possible in Tashkent. The Gatling Med clinic will make you be confident in yourself and in your health!

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