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An attractive appearance is the key to self-confidence and success, therefore, an aesthetic breast shape, as one of the components of beauty, is important for any woman. Throughout life, the female breast changes under the influence of various factors - pregnancy, lactation, hormones and other reasons form the proportions, size and shape of the breast. The desire to do breast plastic surgery, which has lost its natural shape, is inherent in many women and is quite natural

Mammoplasty is a surgical operation that allows you to correct the volume and shape of the female breast, to correct congenital anatomical features. Medical indications can be prescribed after various injuries and illnesses, but the patient's desire to transform plays an important role. The operation relieves complexes, embodies the desired forms in life, makes the body harmonious and attractive

Augmentation (endoprosthetics) - breast augmentation with implants;
Reduction mammoplasty - breast reduction. In addition to medical and aesthetic problems, it solves a very important issue - the preservation of the lactation function (milk production), which allows a woman to feed her children in the future;
Reconstruction - reconstructive operations of the mammary gland due to its underdevelopment, trauma, congenital malformations;
Mastopexy (lifting). The operation is performed to eliminate such a common problem as breast prolapse: excess skin is removed and the nipple with the areola is lifted. The reason for going to the doctor here is most often a sharp weight loss, age-related anatomical, hormonal and other changes in the body, the consequences of pregnancy;
Correction of nipples and areolas. The color, size, shape, circumference of the nipple may not affect a woman even with an ideal breast shape. Practically all of these problems are solved operationally, including nipple retraction.

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