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Endoresection of papillary tumors


Endoresection of papillary tumors

Endoresection of papillary tumors

Endoresection of papillary tumors - Currently, our clinic widely uses conservative-surgical treatment in urology - percutaneous puncture-instrumental treatment, that is, in treatment with the help of various kinds of instrumental manipulations and interventions on the kidney, prostate, urinary tract, performed through a puncture access under ultrasound, X-ray television or endoscopic control.
New possibilities, which include percutaneous instrumental interventions, make it possible to save the patient from surgery due to the use of low-traumatic instrumental manipulations, which present incomparably less risk and are often short in time, and are not inferior in efficiency to open surgical interventions.
The widespread introduction of the achievements of scientific and technological progress in urology has significantly changed the traditional approach to diagnostic and therapeutic tactics for most diseases of the genitourinary system. This primarily applies to:

• urolithiasis;
• cystic kidney disease;
• acute and chronic obstructive-inflammatory diseases;
• strictures, fistulas, foreign bodies and papillary tumors of the upper and lower urinary tract;
• benign hyperplasia (adenoma), sclerosis and prostate cancer.

Until recently, all these diseases were treated mainly by open, often repeated and traumatic or organ-carrying operations, requiring great surgical skill and experience, and yet often accompanied by a large number of complications. The treatment required a long stay of patients in the hospital and was accompanied by long-term rehabilitation and social maladjustment of patients. In a number of cases, it was necessary to perform exploratory and primary palliative operations, which increase the time and trauma of treatment, as well as the costs of it.
Currently, the urological clinic has mastered and continues to master new diagnostic and surgical aids, which in most cases make it possible to avoid open surgery and anesthesia in such diseases, and, without changing the fundamental principles and foundations of treatment, achieve the same result, but with a significantly lower risk for patient and organ.
These are instrumental therapeutic and diagnostic manipulations (operations) under X-ray television, ultrasound, endoscopic or mixed control - the so-called endourological interventions made from percutaneous (percutaneous) or transurethral access. Among them are transurethral electroresection (TUR) of the prostate and urinary bladder, diagnostic and therapeutic nephroureteroscopy, contact lithotripsy, bougienage, balloon dilatation, endotomy and prosthetics of upper and lower urinary tract strictures, puncture of renal cysts, endoresection of papillary tumors.

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